Who Watches The Watchmen? HBO Announces Limited Series Blu-Ray Release

This year saw one of the best televised event series ever. Continuing the Watchmen story after the events of the classic graphic novel, the show paired Damon Lindelof with actress Regina King and Jeremy Irons for a nearly perfect episodic series. Set in alternate reality where masked superheroes are outlaws and the police force is not fully weaponized, the updated extension of the Alan Moore comic was one of the best television events ever and one of HBO's most successful limited runs. 

Now, the show will be getting a blu-ray release on June 2nd. Check out the details below:

  • Hooded Justice
  • The Colossal King – Adrian Veidt
  • Watchmen: Unmasked
  • 2019 New York Comic Con
  • Watchmen: Masked and Dangerous
  • Watchmen S1: Trailer
  • Character Trailers: Sister Night, Blond Man and Looking Glass
  • Becoming Sister Night
  • Notes from the Watchmen graphic novel artist Dave Gibbons
  • Rorschach Featurette
  • Watchmen: Alternate History
  • It's Raining Squids
  • Squid Shelter with Tim Blake Nelson
  • Andrij Parekh on Directing
  • Sadiqua Bynum runs, jumps and falls for Sister Night
  • Anatomy of a Fight Scene
  • Glimpses – The Visual Effects of Watchmen