ACK ACK ACK: New Mars Attacks Trading Cards - Reviewed

Trading card collectors and Mars Attacks fans will love this new card series! “Uprising” is a sequel to the 2015 card series, “Mars Attacks: Occupation”, but these cards can most definitely be enjoyed on their own. Featuring art by Ed Repka (the “King of Thrash Metal Artwork”, best known for his work with Megadeth), Carlos Valenzuela (IDW Publishing cover artist), and WIllaim Skaar (creator of “Deanna of the Dead”). Adding to the nostalgia factor, the cards are retro-style, complete with that familiar waxy wrapping paper of trading card past. All that is missing is the nasty gum. 

In this “sequel”, the entire planet is in an uprising against the Martians.  Each card shows gruesome fates for Martians at the hands of some of Earth’s most frightening creatures. The first four cards of the sample set I got to look at only whet my appetite for more, so I know I will be collecting these to try to complete the set.  My favorite card so far is “Attacked By Plants”. The title really says it all, and the copy on the back reads like poetry, “Living vegetation burrows straight through his chestplate and into his abdomen, rising rapidly up into his throat, choking him from within.” Yikes! 

The sample set also includes a special chase card, “Mars Motors”, which is a mashup of the Mars Attacks and Hot Rod Card series. Head on over to the Kickstarter site (, check out the @sidekicklab IG, or the Mars Attacks Uprising Facebook page to see more of what will be available in this series.  The Kickstarter campaign has ended, but keep on the lookout because these trading cards will be available to purchase soon.

-Mara Powell