Box Office Quarantine: COVID-19 Causes 20 Year Box Office Low

With fear and anxieties over the coronavirus at a fever pitch, the box office took a massive hit this weekend as it's officially posted a 20 year record low. As most folks are choosing to socially quarantine themselves as to not put themselves at personal risk, theaters are seeing numbers tumble due to the virus. Several films like The Hunt and Bloodshot both saw financial failures this weekend while the entire three days only raked in $54 million, which is the lowest since 2000. Of course many theaters chains like AMC are cutting their seating capacity in half to assist in quelling attendees nervousness over being in close proximity to someone that might be a carrier of the sickness. 

Pixar's Onward continued to dominate in the #1 spot with just over $10 million. The religious drama I Still Believe rounded out with $9.5. Vin Diesel's latest action vehicle Bloodshot saw numbers around $9.3 million. And The Hunt along with The Invisible Man tied for the fifth spot. 

Obviously this week saw Hollywood shuttering many productions until this thing dies down. Stranger Things season 3 has discontinued production. The Batman is delayed by two weeks. And the release of huge films like Mulan, A Quiet Place 2, and several others have all been pushed back to insure the studios won't take as big of a financial loss. In time this will all pass and we'll get back to our normal entertainment routines.

But for now, everyone's safety is the most important thing. So catch up on your TV shows and movies you've been meaning to enjoy at home.