Breaking Bat News: A Look at Armie Hammer's Batman Cowl from the Scrapped Justice League: Mortal

Long before Zack Snyder had a chance to bring the Justice League to the failed cinematic release, George Miller was working on his own version that would have seen the super hero team up brought to cinemas in a film called Justice League: Mortal

Unfortunately, the project was scrapped long before it could go into production. Now, a new documentary is in the works that will chronicle the development of the movie. Director Ryan Unicomb is helming the project that will give us the history of Miller's Justice League cinematic vision. When the movie was in active development, actor Armie Hammer was connected and would have donned the Batman cape and cowl. This latest image gives us a look at what the caped crusader's mask would have looked like. It is a prototype that was obviously never used, but bears the classic look of the Gotham Knight. 

Unicomb had this to say about today's uniquely timed release of the image:

“Since the world is in lockdown and I feel like we need an injection of some “cool s**t” into the community, here’s ONE of Armie Hammer’s cowls from Justice League Mortal. Be good and be safe y’all!”