Cinematic Outbreak: China Orders Re-Closing Of All Theaters

In a rather premature move, China decided to reopen many of their theaters at the tail end of what they thought was the coronavirus outbreak in their country. Most thought that this was way too early to try and attempt such a broad move at this early juncture. Now, with new numbers in and fresh victims of the terrible virus being reported, the Chinese have decided to once again close all theaters. It's being reported that they had opened the doors to 700 cinemas across the country but financial numbers remained low despite the public wanting to get back out to socialize or engage in some type of culture. Deadline reports that The Middle Kingdom's film bureau has immediately ordered all locations to shutter their businesses. 

With most major studios stopping or delaying the release of their big budgeted theatrical films, China was going to see re-releases of Avatar and The Avengers movies but those plans have now been scrapped. Unfortunately, everyone is going to have to be way more patient to support the health and well being of the public at large. This was too soon to try and get back to a sense of normalcy as this virus is still in its infancy.