Cinematic Releases: It's On! The Hunt (2020) - Reviewed

At long last, the politically charged dark comedy thriller called The Hunt sees the light of day in theaters this weekend. Current rage culture is defined in a motion picture high on gun play that’s fully tweaked by trigger words and a profane amount of death. And damn. It’s a buckshot blast to the face.

After being pulled from release for its volatile subject matter and ultra violent content, this latest Blumhouse project is here to pull no punches as if targets all sides of the political spectrum. Based on modern societal themes of left versus right and everything between, social justice is doled out at the cost of human lives as victims are hunted for sport at a secluded manor. Think The Most Dangerous Game but heightened to mass murder with a comic edge that’s reminiscent of newer films like The Belko Experiment or Mayhem. The killing spree is absolutely brutal but maintains its directive the entire time. The way it dispatches lives in unexpected ways teeters on laugh out loud hilarity as people you think will survive are torn to fleshy bits.

Taking aim at the internet’s propensity for unruly commentary and vicious personal assaults, the feature is a picture perfect specimen of how current society has been slanted by propagandist media, biased views of our neighbors, and the mentally deficient cycle of how we attack one another over simple online disagreements. Kicking off almost immediately with pure and unadulterated blood shed, this flick is not for the weak of heart. People explode. Bodies are shredded. Gore is at full tilt while Hilary Swank and Betty Gilpin try to out best each other via some amazing physically demanding fight scenes. 

Okay. This episode of GLOW is getting weird now. 

When a group of strangers awake in a clearing, they immediately become fodder for a group of gun toting liberal elitists that want to destroy their right wing foes via any means necessary. The message doesn’t become fully clear until the plot begins to unravel by showing us no one is safe from this script. Initially it was thought that this movie was a dig at one demographic. But it’s not. The story from Damon Lindelof and Nick Cuse is a bipartisan hit job that revels in an exploitative edge that’s sharpened by slick dialogue and great acting all around. While our world devolves into a social media shit storm, director Craig Zobel is here to let us know we’re all a bunch of emotional hacks that need to see the forest for the trees. The Hunt is smart, action packed commentary that we all need to see right now.

If you think you can handle looking into the mirror, The Hunt is for you. You’re not safe. I’m not safe. Ultimately, this is going to go down as a divisive look at the internet landscape and how easily we’re skewed by opinion. The direction is sharp. The wit is built of steel. And the killings give us a heightened sense of how easily man made madness can lead to destruction. It’s understood why they decided to delay this thing. It represents the worst in us and the de-evolution of humanity’s willingness to communicate. Nothing is safe.

-Chris George