Dracula Reborn: Karyn Kusama to Direct New Film for Universal/Blumhouse Monsterverse

After the Dark Universe crashed with the failure of The Mummy starring Tom Cruise, no one was quite sure of where the franchise was headed. The financial failure of the movie was enough to end stop most development on them moving forward with their idea of a rebooted classic monster series of films. Now after the financial success of The Invisible Man directed by Leigh Whannell, things look to be back on the upswing as Blumhouse is readying a series of creature features. News just broke that Karyn Kusama (Destroyer)will be directing a new version of Dracula that will most likely also be housed at Universal (the iconic vampire is now in the public domain). With their newest, lower budget feature taking the cinemas by storm the past two weekends, it will undoubtedly be another runaway hit that could see them finding new and interesting ways to relaunch and re-invigorate the lineup of amazing characters. 

It's said that the new rendition of Dracula will modernize the tale much like The Invisible Man has done for that story. Currently, they're in talks with Paul Feig, Elizabeth Banks, and John Krasinski to work up other stories from the monster lineup as new movies. Kusama also directed Jennifer's Body, The Invitation, and numerous high profile series for Amazon, HBO, and numerous other. 

No word has been released on when Kusama's Dracula will hit theaters yet, but we're betting this will be at the top of their creative cue. The Hollywood Reporter just broke the news this evening!