Escape From Westworld: New Behind The Scenes Video Explores Life Outside the Park

After an epic wait, Westworld returns to HBO tonight. Where season one and two took place inside the parks, the latest batch of episodes will finally see life outside the virtual wonderlands. This new video from HBO gives us an inside look at what will be happening on the long awaited third season that is adding many new main players featuring Aaron Paul, Lena Waithe, and Marshawn Lynch. 

The first season of HBO's Westworld was a major hit for the media giant. The second season started out strong but viewership seemed to taper off as interest was lost as the story became convoluted and dry. They're hoping to get back on even footing this year with a plot that almost seems to reboot many of the themes from the first year. 

Westworld is based on the classic 1973 tale that was directed by author Michael Crichton. It went on to spawn a sequel, Future World that was released in 1976.