Exit The Matrix: WB Shuts Down Production on The Matrix 4

With nearly every movie production under the sun halting production over the last couple weeks due to the coronavirus outbreak, it seemed that The Matrix 4 was dodging that bullet in real time. 

As the shoot moved from San Francisco to Berlin to begin its sound stage work, it looks like the execs at WB have stepped in to shut the entire thing down for the time being. Due to obvious health concerns for its stars and extensive crew, they've chosen to halt the film indefinitely until it begins to clear. This also falls in line with the travel ban that's been placed by the office of the U.S. President. It's not known at this time if they'll still hit their 2021 deadline for release as the film is obviously going to be extremely heavy on the post-production effects work. 

There is still no information available on the plot of the fourth Matrix film. But considering how The Matrix Revolutions ended, it'll be interesting to see how they bring the lead characters back to the fold. Currently, The Matrix 4 is  slated for a May 21, 2021 theatrical release. If the outbreak begins to wane, we hope they can get back to making the movie soon. But the health and well being of all involved is definitely more important at this very strange hour.