Faster and Even More Furious: Hobbs and Shaw 2 Is In Active Development

It has been a tough time for movie fans. Theaters are closed and the installments in popular series are delayed until who knows when? Every aspect of the business has been impacted by it. Like the rest of us, Fast and Furious fans need some good news. And today, they got some. 

During an Instagram Live session with fans, The Rock confirmed that work is being done on a Hobbs and Shaw sequel. Considering the first film made close to 800 million dollars at the global box office, this isn't surprising but it is nice to know that work is being done. 

The film's creative team and script are not set yet but we imagine that they will have time to work on it considering the next installment of the series was delayed until 2021. We have no idea when Hobbs and Shaw 2 will come out but we expect it will be after Fast and Furious 9 and before the heat death of the universe! Considering the world is shut down, the folks making this movie now have way more time to come up with physics defying stunts!