Galactic News: Jamie Lee Curtis RUMORED For The Mandalorian Season 2

The last couple weeks has been a wild roller coaster ride filled with reported casting news for the second season of The Mandalorian on Disney+. It's been widely reported that Rosario Dawson and Michael Biehn have both become part of the series while Bill Burr will also be returning to the streaming show. Now, a new rumor is being reported but has not been confirmed by any outlets. Yet, according to Making Star Wars, Jamie Lee Curtis has boarded as a side character for the second batch of episodes. Obviously, we cannot confirm or deny the rumor at this point because it's speculative. She was reportedly "at the location for the filming of the show" while episodes were filming.

Up to this point, The Mandalorian and the people behind the scenes have been typically very secretive about casting and news. So, we'll probably have to wait and see on this one, with a strong lean on this being a rumor at this point. The earliest we might get real confirmation on these new casting announcements would be at Star Wars Celebration, which will most likely be postponed from its summer date due to the current global health crisis as it continues to escalate. 

We'll update if we hear more!