Jason Was His Name: New 12 Film Friday the 13th Blu-Ray Set in The Works

Although there was already a Friday the 13th blu-ray set a few years back, it looks like they're in preparation for a whole new special release. A new edition is set to hit store shelves that will feature 12 films and tons of brand new special features. Apparently, some cast members have been recording new audio tracks for fresh commentaries for this updated version of the series release. This last week, Jason Goes To Hell director Adam Marcus confirmed the collector's set via his FB page and confirmed that his movie will finally receive an unrated release with this edition. With the previous box set out of print for several years and prices continually climbing, this is a sure fire way for them to cash in on the Voorhees brand again. 

No official word has been released by the studio yet, but it looks like this is all but fully confirmed at this point. Also, the original Friday the 13th is getting a limited edition steelbook release this May. 

We'll continue to update as we learn more details about the new release.