No Trek Forward: Simon Pegg Not Sure of Star Trek 4's Future

It's been years since we had a big screen Star Trek film. And it also seems that the brand is really beginning to make headway on television screens again. With Discovery and Picard both promising new futures for the franchise, it's not really clear what the path is for the cinematic realm of Trek. After contract negotiations broke down with Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth, the fourth film in the JJ Abrams relaunched universe lost all momentum. Then it was announced that the series would move ahead with Noah Hawley taking control of the bridge. Now, Simon Pegg says he's just not sure if the project will ever move forward as the death of Anton Yelchin had a deep effect on the team and some seem to have lost interest in starring in a fourth entry. 

When speaking with Games Radar/Total film, Pegg had this to say about how he feels about Star Trek Beyond and how it effected the series. 

"I don’t feel like the last one… They didn’t really take advantage of the 50th anniversary. The regimen at the time dropped the ball on the promo of the film. And we’ve lost momentum. I think losing Anton Yelchin was a huge blow to our little family, and our enthusiasm to do another one might have been affected by that. So I don’t know.”