Oh The Horror: Saw Reboot and Antebellum Releases Delayed

Fears from the COVID-19 coronavirus are changing the world of entertainment on a daily basis. Dozens of productions have been pushed back while other films that were in the marketing phase are being rescheduled due to the sickness. Over the past couple days the entire news cycle has been front loaded with multiple movies that are now going to miss their original release date while we're not even sure if theaters will be open any time in the upcoming months. Several major theater chains have completely shut down including Regal Cinemas and AMC. Obviously the most important thing here is everyone's safety and health. Movies can wait for a better time. 

Word is breaking this morning that a couple horror films are also being delayed. The new Saw reboot from Chris Rock has officially received a push from the studio. Spiral: From the Book of Saw is apparently rebooting the entire franchise over from scratch. And the other title that's being rescheduled is the upcoming Antebellum. At this time, the studios are not picking a hard date to get them in cinemas. We imagine it's due to the fluidity of the situation. We're probably going to see many of these not hitting until the Fall when we'll see a mass influx of major studio releases hitting the cineplex.