Silence of the Lambs: Prequel Series Gets its Clarice Starling

Since no series can ever be left alone and everything seems to need an expansive set of background stories, it appears that the upcoming Silence of the Lambs series has snagged its main star. Set right her experiences with the flesh eating Doctor Hannibal Lecter, the new show about Clarice Starling will visit her early years at the FBI. Picking up in 1993, Clarice will see the character returning to the bureau as she picks up the pieces and begins to investigate other serial killers as she navigates the political realm of Washington D.C.. Obviously the character was initially played by the amazing Jodie Foster in the original film. 

Aussie star Rebecca Breeds from Home and Away and The Originals will be taking up the title character when the show finally airs. Currently, Star Trek's Alex Kurtzman is heading up the project in partnership with Jenny Lumet. 

Back in 2012, Lifetime had a similar television pilot in the works but never came to light. This will be the first return for the character of Clarice Starling since Julianne Moore played her in 2001's Hannibal.