Streaming Pandemic: Birds of Prey and The Gentlemen to Hit VOD Early Next Week

It is a crazy time for us at The Movie Sleuth, we are trying to keep ahead of all the rapidly changing news about the movies we have been looking forward to. That and the whole not dying in a pandemic thing. Following yesterday's news about Universal releasing some of their current theatrical releases early on VOD, fellow studios Warner Brothers and STX Entertainment decided to follow suit with by moving ahead with earlier digital releases of Birds of Prey and Guy Richie's The Gentlemen. 

Both films were released around the same time period and would normally have had a mid-April digital release. But these aren't normal times. Theaters everywhere have closed, forcing these studios to throw audiences a bone and give them something to watch at home. When can you watch these? Next Tuesday, provided martial law hasn't been declared. 

So let's stay indoors, wash your hands, and enjoy some of what 2020 has to offer.