Streaming Pandemic: Bloodshot Releasing To On Demand Next Week

Just 11 days after hitting its theatrical release, it looks like the latest Vin Diesel action flick will be getting an on demand release. With all major theater chains shutting down due to the coronavirus outbreak, Sony has decided it would be in the best interest of their investment to get this thing in front of as many audiences as possible to reduce their losses. The film will hit all major streaming platforms on March 24th. Obviously, there have been many unprecedented entertainment moves on the part of the big studios the past week or so. Numerous other major cinematic releases are being transferred to the home market since so many people are under quarantine and this is the best way to deliver newly released media right now. Rather than continue to bleed out, Sony has chosen a new route to get this movie to the people that want to see it. It was not a critical darling by any means, but fresh content will be important in the coming weeks. 

Sony Pictures chairman Tim Rothman had this to say:

“Sony Pictures is firmly committed to theatrical exhibition and we support windowing. This is a unique and exceedingly rare circumstance where theaters have been required to close nationwide for the greater good and Bloodshot is abruptly unavailable in any medium. Audiences will now have the chance to own Bloodshot right away and see it at home, where we are all spending more time. We are confident that -- like other businesses hit hard by the virus -- movie theaters will bounce back strongly, and we will be there to support them.”