The End is Nigh: HBO's Watchmen Cast Becomes Washmen in this New PSA

The current global health crisis is effecting us all in different ways. And the cast of HBO's hit Watchmen series is here to give us a bit of humor in our time of need. With the importance of washing our hands and staying healthy a top priority, they filmed this small PSA that reunites them. Although the series did really well for the cable outlet, there are currently no plans to produce a season 2. Producer Damon Lindelof bowed out of creating more episodes as he claims he's out of ideas and only wanted it to be one lone season. Centered on the classic graphic novel, it served as a sequel of sorts that saw many of the characters return in a politically driven season that expanded on the Watchmen mythology. Watch the PSA that Lindelof posted here at The Movie Sleuth. 

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