The Lost Boys Revamped: The CW Pilot Gets Its Mother

Just a couple days back we were reporting on the new casting news surrounding the revamped launch of the upcoming Lost Boys series on The CW. After many early troubles in including a pilot that was totally scrapped by the studio, the show is finally making some headway and finding a footing with a new set of stars and a rewritten script. Now it appears that the show has found the person to play the mom. S.W.A.T. star Rochelle Aytes will be taking on the motherly role where she will be a single parent moving back to her hometown to care for her two boys, Garrett and Levi. Obviously, nothing is at peace when the city is revealed to be a haven for a bevy of vampires. Apparently, the story will see her taking residence at her father's bed and breakfast where she'll became the caretaker. Here's a small synopsis for the series which seems to be changing some vital ideas but still sticking to the core story:

They discover there’s a sinister reason the local cool kids sleep all day, party all night, never grow up and never get old. Family bonds are tested as the brothers find themselves on opposite sides of a mythological struggle.

This show has been in development hell since 2015, so we're still not sure that this thing will ever really see the light of day. In the meantime, enjoy some INXS and Jimmy Barnes from the classic Lost Boys film.