The Need For Speed: Tom Cruise Hits Getting 4K Blu-Ray Releases

If one thing is for certain, it's that Tom Cruise continues to deliver quality films. He's been a cinematic powerhouse for decades now and almost always maintains a high caliber of work that typically sees great box office numbers. Over the years he's found a dynamic skill set that's seen him do drama, action, science fiction, and even some off the cuff comedy. But there are several films of his that have truly endured the test of time. And now many of them will be once again hitting the home video market in brand new 4K blu-ray releases. A trio of his best movies will drop on May 19th bringing Cruise back into our homes with a set of new discs from Paramount Home Media Distribution. 

The three films that are included are Stephen Spielberg's War of the Worlds, Tony Scott's '80s spectacle Top Gun, and Scott's other Tom Cruise movie Days of Thunder. War of the Worlds is celebrating its 15th anniversary while Days of Thunder is on its 30th anniversary. Although he has a lot of folks that don't care for him personally, you really can't say he stars in bad movies. This is the first time any of these are available in the UHD format.