The Sad Lasso of Truth: Wonder Woman 1984 Pushed To August

Each day seems to bring more bad news for the movie industry. Over the last fourteen days we've seen almost every major upcoming release get delayed due to the coronavirus breakout while other productions were shut down. On the other hand, many big theatrical films were given the video on demand treatment this past week with films like The Hunt, The Invisible Man and Emma getting sent to the online rental market. Well now it seems that one of the biggest films of the year and one everyone has been waiting for is also being pushed back due to the global health pandemic. That's right. The long awaited Wonder Woman 1984 has been moved to August from its initial release window. The official date that's been released in August 14th, 2020. This should hopefully open open a clear path for the film to go on and make some decent money. But nothing is certain. It could happen again. 

Obviously Patty Jenkins' first Wonder Woman movie was a massive hit for Warner Bros.. And this one will be too. Gal Gadot adds a certain spark to the character that was much needed for this cinematic world. Unfortunately, she's one of the last holdouts from what they were trying to do with their DC film universe. At least this shuts down the rumor that they were considering releasing this straight to home video as well.