There Is No Dana: Ghostbusters: Artbook to Release on May 19th

If one thing is certain it's that Ghostbusters continues to endure. Ever since its release in the '80s, the brand maintains a loyal following that seems to grow over the years. Now, at long last, fans of the series are getting a brand new artbook that captures the original films in stunning artistic detail. The new book from Insight Editions and Printed in Blood will feature art from over 170 artists that give their rendition of the comedic characters and story. The content features comic book style work and cartoon like visions that are each a representation of all the artists included in the edition. The book is scheduled for release on May 19th, 2020 and is available on Amazon for pre-order. 

With interest piqued right now with a third official Ghostbusters movie on the way, they're releasing this at the right time. Followers of the series will definitely want to pick this up if they can. Check out some of the included images below!