Tiger Kings and Queens: Kate McKinnon to Star and Produce Joe Exotic Series

This last week saw a new documentary event series on Netflix called Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness hit the number one spot on Netflix. The strange story of Joe Exotic and a weird cast of real life characters filled the episodes with surreal stories about big cats and independent zoo keepers doing battle with each other. It was one of the craziest rides we've had in a while watching these folks try and outdo each other in the weird and wonderful world of exotic animals. After years of illegal activities and a murder for hire plot, the central real life character Joe Exotic was sent to prison over numerous charges. It really is something you'd think couldn't happen in real life. But it did. And now it looks like the story of Joe vs. Carole Baskin will be retold in a short run dramatic series. 

While no word has broken yet about when exactly it will go into production or when it might air, Kate McKinnon has boarded the project and will be executive producer and will star as Carole Baskin. It's being reported that the limited run series will focus mostly on Baskin, chronicling her own legal woes, the disappearance of her husband, and her wranglings with Joe Exotic. Considering the dark aspect of the real life story, it'll be interesting to see if they lend a comedic edge to the project or if they go straight reality based drama. 

Obviously, we'll update as we find out more. But we're excited to see where this goes. We can imagine there are many more details to the story that didn't fit into the 7 episode documentary. PETA has already involved themselves, begging that the production uses computer generated cats instead of real life animals.