Welcome to Hawkins: Stranger Things Season 4 May Be Delayed Until 2021

While everyone is learning to deal with the effects of COVID-19, the dreaded coronavirus that's currently sweeping through civilization, we're also being handed a slew of films and shows that are being shut down due to the sickness. Numerous movies have already shuttered production while they wait for this entire mess to get cleaned up. In the meantime, it's really looking like the next season of Stranger Things will most likely receive a large push back to next year. Initially scheduled to hit in late November or December, it's being reported that the Netflix hit will now most likely be moved to 2021 as there may not be enough time to complete shooting, editing, and all the work related to such a massive undertaking. 

If previous seasons are any indication of how this thing goes, it shoots for nearly six months before heading into post-production. Season 4 got behind cameras in February which means it wouldn't even be ready to hit the editing suite until August or potentially later. Now, it looks like the shoot will probably extend into early fall which would officially put the show into next year. Fans will obviously be disappointed at the wait. But this is for the protection of everyone involved. So it's understood why patience is needed right now. 

Earlier, it was rumored that this season would be extended to extra episodes and would be broken up into two parts much like the final season of Breaking Bad.