Boss Logic: The Punisher Hunts John Wick in New Fan Art

Who would win in an epic meet up between two action icons?  In this brand new fan art from Boss Logic, The Punisher is hunting John Wick. Although it doesn't answer that question, it's a really cool look at the two pop culture stars that would never really exist together on film in reality. Both share many similarities in their style of vengeance and both are great with weapons. Boss Logic has released some stellar fan art over the years, the latest being this slick piece of art that sees the two about to square off in a library. 

There have been many iterations of Punisher over the years. The first being a film starring Dolph Lundgren, the another with Thomas Jane, and a third starring Ray Stevenson called Punisher: War Zone. That last version was the closest to the comic book. Finally, we had Jon Bernthal star as Frank Castle in the short lived but extremely successful show on Netflix. 

Keanu Reeves will be returning as John Wick in a fourth entry that's currently scheduled to hit cinemas in 2021 if things go as planned. The Wick series has drummed up hundreds of millions of dollars for the studio and continue to churn out amazing action flicks. Check out the image from Boss Logic here!!