Galactic News: Mandalorian Behind The Scenes Documentary To Hit Disney+ In May

Rabid fans of The Mandalorian’s first season who’ve been feeling frozen in a block of carbonite while waiting for Disney+ to drop Season 2 in October will be experiencing a brief thaw, starting this May 4th (which as everyone knows, is Star Wars Day). This is by way of a new eight-part docu-series called Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian, a behind-the-scenes deep-dive into the creation/production of Lucasfilm Ltd’s first-ever live-action Star Wars tv series.

At a time when large amounts of people are quarantined inside with their various media devices, streaming services are reporting record numbers of new subscribers (Disney+ currently clocking-in with 50 million thus far), but also feeling the pressure to generate original content, something that a brand-new streamer like Disney+ would still be sorely lacking even if the mass-shuttering of movie and tv productions hadn’t been occurring recently.

Perhaps sensing that the diminishing returns of Mickey Mouse Club reruns and CGI-censoring of mermaid-buttcrack (per their recent Splash stream) were starting to wear down content-depleted subscribers, Lucasfilm and Disney have mercifully and wisely gifted them with a Star Wars Day care package, with the remaining episodes to air every Friday after that.

The Mandalorian has generated near-universal acclaim from both casual and hardcore fans of the franchise, and the heat/momentum from Season 1’s plot-twists, character reveals and cliffhangers (not to mention the not-quite-officially-confirmed bombshell that Rosario Dawson is to bring the beloved animated Clone Wars character Ahsoka Tano to live-action for Season 2), so the timing of this documentary couldn’t be better.
 Thank The Maker (Jon Favreau, in this case).

Check out Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian on Disney+ on May 4th, and back here at The Movie Sleuth for more updates!!!