Galactic News: The Mandalorian Season 3 In Early Development at Disney+

Not that this is any big surprise, but The Mandalorian season 3 is already in the works at Disney+. After the first season premiered to amazing numbers and become an instantaneous hit for the streaming outlet, fans were delighted to hear that season 2 was a sure fire thing. Now, months before we get the second season, they've already confirmed that early work has begun on the third set of episodes. While Star Wars is on hiatus from putting out any movies for a couple years, the television shows are going to be the main outlet for the galaxy far, far away. And we're sure fans won't be disappointed at this latest news. 

Currently, Jon Favreau is working away on scripts for the third season. Variety is reporting that Favreau is deep in the lab developing the story arc for the follow up to season 2. Other areas of pre-production like art and production design are are also already hard at work getting prepped for the return to the series. As long as season 2 can hold up the same quality as the first, there will be continued success for the show. They've never said how many seasons they're planning but we can only imagine this could go on for a while. 

Disney+ is also bringing Cassian Andor to series as well as a new show centered on Obi-Wan that will feature Ewan McGregor returning to the iconic role. The Obi-Wan series was initially set to begin shooting a couple months ago but was ultimately delayed as they decided to do more work on the scripting.