Images from The Abyss: Newly Revealed Concept Art from Underwater

While the Kristen Stewart science fiction horror film Underwater had extremely mixed reviews, one thing it definitely got right was its creature design. The movie was definitely influenced by the Alien series but also took notes from numerous other monster movies about humans doing battle with some unknown force. We gave it a mixed review here at The Movie Sleuth but still stand by the movie's stunning looking visuals, unique monsters, and some damn good claustrophobic scenery. The creatures called 'Clingers' were hard influenced by the works of H.P. Lovecraft and feature a much different look from most of its influences. Director William Eubank just recently released a batch of new images that capture some early designs of the the deep sea dwelling creatures. Check them out here at The Movie Sleuth. 

Underwater can be streamed on Amazon Prime right now!