It Can't Be Reasoned With: Michael Biehn Revives Terminator Character For Covid-19 Message

With the dreaded coronavirus sweeping the globe making many sick and taking thousands of lives, Hollywood has ramped up their messages of safety. Just last week the cast of Watchmen released a satirical video called Washmen that spread the message of washing hands properly during this health crisis. Now, one of the stars of the original Terminator has revived his role as Kyle Reese to share his own message about the virus. Watch it here and share!

Biehn only played Reese in one of the movies in the entire Terminator saga. The character was revived for the lackluster Terminator:Genisys and was portrayed by Jai Courtney. He was also played by the now deceased Anton Yelchin in Terminator: Salvation. Obviously, our love for the character stands with the original portrayal by Biehn.