Love or Hate: Night of the Hunter Remake Happening at Universal

Well, it's that time again where we finally have a piece of news that isn't about something getting delayed by Covid-19. Yep, it's news about a project being developed in Hollywood? Remember when those stories happened!?!

This time, Universal has announced that it will be remaking the 1955 Robert Mitchum classic, Night of the Hunter. Why? Who knows. It is happening though. Matt Orton (Operation Finale) is attached to write the script, described as a contemporary take on the story. Amy Pascal, Jay Polidaro, and Peter Gethers will produce the film through Pascal Pictures and Universal Studios. 

Night of the Hunter is the story of a a religious fanatic and serial killer who while while serving time in prison for car theft, he meets a condemned murderer. Just before he dies, the man confesses to hiding $10,000 in stolen loot. Released from jail, the fanatic is obsessed with finding the money. Soon he tracks down the dead man's widow and her two children and things start to get weird. 

Does this need to remade? Probably not. But hey, it'll be definitely something. At this rate, we are just happy to get new movies.