Quarantine Dogs: Michael Madsen Satires Reservoir Dogs Scene in #StayHome Video

Over the last few weeks, we've seen multiple stars post interesting, enlightening, or comedic videos trying to lighten up the mood due to the coronavirus and the stay at home orders. The latest actor to post a home video is Michael Madsen. In the video he posted to social media and Youtube, the star of Tarantino's classic crime film Reservoir Dogs brings back his iconic role of Mr. Blonde. Poking fun at the ear cutting scene in the abandoned warehouse, Madsen dances around to Stuck in the Middle With You as his family members hang out with bloodied ears. 

The 1992 crime film was Tarantino's introduction to the film world and led up to other classics like Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, and many more. Reservoir Dogs still maintains a cult status and holds up to the very day. Check out the video below!!!