Release The Cats: Tiger King Comic Book Coming in June

What a strange world we live in. During the time of a global health pandemic, one of the biggest and most successful pieces of entertainment has been the limited documentary series Tiger King on Netflix. Told in a short batch of just seven episodes, the show turns its eye to Joe Exotic and a strange band of large cat zookeepers that are at legal odds with each other. Slowly but surely, it turns into a crime drama that revolves around Carole Baskin's supposed murder of her husband and self caricature Joe Exotic's attempt to hire a hitman to take her out. The series has been viewed by over 40 million people in its first few weeks of release. 

Now, with Joe quickly becoming the focus of our current pop culture iconography, TidalWave Productions will be releasing a limited comic that will focus on the Tiger King. The comic will be a biography but will also include information about cruelty to animals in roadside zoos and will also feature messages from PETA. The book is written by Michael Frizell and is drawn by Joe Paradise. The pair also released the comics Political Power: James Comey and Female Force: Stormy Daniels. 

In the press release, it's stated that the comic will reveal information that was left out during the Netflix series. Seems a strange topic for a comic but we're pretty sure this will be successful with the topic being so widely discussed right now!