Science Fiction News: Karen Gillan, Aaron Paul, and Jesse Eisenberg Join Genre Bending Dual

If there's one thing that's certain around here, it's that we love our science fiction. And the coming couple years look to finally be ramping up with some great news in that genre. With the obvious release of Denis Villeneuve's Dune not too far off, sci-fi seems to be getting another shot in the arm with a new hybrid thriller called Dual. Director Riley Stearns (Faults and The Art of Self Defense) has signed on to direct the feature. Depending on the outcome of the current global health crisis, the movie is set to begin filming this summer. Here's a brief rundown of the project Stearns calls satirical:

Dual will follow a woman who received a terminal diagnosis and then opts for a cloning procedure for her friends and family to cope. However, she makes a miraculous recovery, but her clone has already been commissioned into the world.

As the project begins to take shape, casting has begun for the feature. Just today it was announced that Stearns is getting a stellar cast for the film. It's reported via The Wrap that Karen Gillan, Aaron Paul, and Jesse Eisenberg have all joined the movie. Obviously, all three have amazing resumes that will only add to the project. We look forward to reporting more on this one in the near future!!!