Small Town Sheriff: Sly Stallone Pays Tribute To First Blood Co-Star Brian Dennehy

Yesterday was a sad day in Hollywood as well as for fans of the First Blood series. It was reported that Brian Dennehy had passed away at 81 years old from natural causes, not anyway related to the coronavirus. Stallone and Dennehy starred together in the now classic 1982 film about a Vietnam veteran dealing with PTSD and at violent odds with the town's sheriff. Now, Sly has taken to Instagram to pay tribute to his fallen friend. 

It's also being reported that Dennehy had previously claimed that he was a Vietnam veteran which he ended up admitting was a fallacy at a later time. He did serve in the Marine Corps. but was never in the war. He's quoted here in 1998:

“I lied about serving in Vietnam, and I’m sorry. I did not mean to take away from the actions and the sacrifices of the ones who did really serve there…I did steal valor. That was very wrong of me. There is no real excuse for that. I was a peace-time Marine, and I got out in 1963 without ever serving in Vietnam… I started the story that I had been in ‘Nam, and I got stuck with it. Then I didn’t know how to set the record straight.”