The Wright Stuff: Edgar Wright to Direct Set My Heart to Five

And now, some good news for a change. It's nice to report on something that isn't a cancelation. It's always exciting when a director like Edgar Wright has a new project on the way and this new one sounds like something different. 

Per Hollywood Reporter, Edgar Wright is attached to direct Set My Heart to Five. Based upon a manuscript by Simon Stephenson, Set My Heart to Five is set in 2054 and is the story of an android named Jared. Jared works as a dentist and  begins to experience an emotional awakening after seeing eighties and nineties movies. After this awakening, Jared decides to go on a quest across the country to convince humans that his kind should be allowed to feel. Sounds like an Edgar Wright movie to me. 

Wright will be teaming up with Stephenson to work on the film. Focus Features and Working Title will be re-teaming with Edgar Wright to produce and distribute the film. No word yet on when this film will happen as Wright is still working on post-production for Last Night in Soho and a sequel to Baby Driver but we imagine that this will come sooner rather than later.