Galactic News: Star Wars Fans Rally For a Solo Sequel on Second Anniversary

For a movie that didn't do very well at the box office considering its Star Wars namesake, it looks like fans are beginning to really push for a sequel to Solo. Although the movie struggled financially and didn't really break any major records when released to cinemas, it's been woefully disregarded by many in the fandom, but seems to be picking up steam 2 years after its theatrical jaunt.l The film made $393 million globally against a reported budget of nearly $300 million, which was in no way a success for Disney comparatively. After numerous problems, reshoots, and a director change, the movie just couldn't catch a break. 

While many blamed it on the mixed reception to The Last Jedi, others said it didn't fully succeed due to Star Wars burnout, meaning too much too fast. But, not matter how you look at it, Solo: A Star Wars Story definitely did several things right. Ron Howard nailed the old school sense of adventure from the first trilogy and also did a wonderful job of bringing back some sense of humor to the Lucasfilm galaxy. Now, as the movie celebrates its second anniversary, there is a real push to find a way to get a sequel made. With the recent announcement of the Snyder Cut of Justice League, fans seem to have more power than we ever thought. We're being realistic when we say Disney will probably never green light another Han Solo starring Alden Ehrenreich, but could something else happen like a Disney+ limited streaming series?

Ehrenreich had reportedly signed on to do three movies total in a trilogy of Solo films. Check out what fans are posting to Twitter about the movie.