He'll Save Every One of Us: StudioCanal Flash Gordon 4K Release Trailer

There is perhaps no greater specimen of science fiction action nostalgia than the 1980 release of Flash Gordon. Starring Sam Jones and Max Van Sydow, the film came on the heels of the Star Wars' massive success but ultimately didn't light the box office on fire. However, the movie is a campy bit of retro perfection that relaunched the hero for a new generation of fans. With a history that spans decades, Mike Hodges version of the character brought new life and relaunched the hero in a film that never got the sequel it deserved. Now, in June 2020, StudioCanal is re-releasing the movie in a new 4K package that we're chomping at the bit for. Flash saw a reinvigorated interest with the release of Ted a couple years back and a documentary that tracked the troubled history of Sam Jones. 

Check out the trailer here at The Movie Sleuth!!!!