Mission Fully Possible: Esai Morales Joins Next M:I6 an M:I7 As The Villain

It's been decades since the Mission:Impossible film franchise kick started Tom Cruise as the central character of a super popular action series. With the massive success of the last entry, there was no doubt that they would continue on. It was announced two years ago that they would be making two more movies and they'd be filming back to back. Now it appears that there's been a little bit of casting trouble as Nicholas Hoult had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts caused by delays from the Covid-19 outbreak. But all is well. Director Christopher McQuarrie and his talented casting crew have it all figured out. They've officially signed Esai Morales to take over the role of of the baddie in the next two M:I movies.  

Morales has a long career of support players and recently played one of the bad guys on the hit Netflix series Ozark. He also played Slade Wilson on the second season of DC's Titans. Going back to the '80s, including films like La Bamba, Morales has consistently proven his talents and will have no issues carrying the weight of a heavy handed antagonist against Cruise's forever running and jumping Ethan Hunt. 

Due to the virus, production was pushed back and has stilted the original release date. But as things start to get back to normal, the films will obviously get moving again. We can't wait to see what happens next!