More Horror: Ryan Murphy Announces American Horror Story Spinoff

Well, it's that time again where we finally have a piece of news that isn't about something getting delayed by Covid-19. Yep, it's news about a project being developed in Hollywood! Yep, things are still getting made in this time of crisis. 

American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy took to Instagram this morning to reveal that he is working on a spinoff of American Horror Story. The series will be called American Horror Stories and will be a companion series to the original. It is described as hour long close ended anthology episodes. No word yet on who will working on it with Murphy but it seems like this will be a priority once the shut down is over. 

This announcement comes off the heels of the tenth season of American Horror Story and that show being renewed for three more seasons after that. Murphy has not only this but American Crime Story, Pose, and a five year Netflix deal consisting of both movies and television, including The Politician and the recently released Hollywood. And while he is doing all of this, I struggled putting on pants today. We can't wait to see what Murphy does next with American Horror Story and my neighbors can't wait for me to start putting my pants back on.