Release The Ayer Cut: Director Confirms Suicide Squad Alternate Cut Almost Complete

With last week's announcement of Zack Snyder's Justice League cut getting a release to HBO Max some time next year, it appears that the universe of DC live action films is going to potentially be getting another reedit of one of their most profitable movies. Although the movie was a creative debacle and is related to as one of the worst in the entire short catalog of DCEU films, it was a massive money maker for Warner Bros. which has spawned an upcoming sequel from James Gunn. But even his upcoming part two is said to hit the reset button for the Suicide Squad. 

Now it looks like David Ayer has been hard at work reassembling his original vision for the movie prior to Warner's known meddling. His movie went on to gross nearly $747 million against a $175 million budget which proved that even films that aren't of great quality can be massive successes with proper marketing and an amazing Harley Quinn. Reportedly, his Suicide Squad was super rushed with only six weeks to develop a screenplay with the shoot starting right after it was completed. Now, fans and Ayer are granting the same treatment to SS as Justice League received. And it's looking more and more like his movie might end up getting a re-release as a director's cut as well. Obviously, WB has to sign off on the project but Ayer has already been tweeting that his vision for the movie is almost complete. 

So, what does this mean? Will HBO Max get Suicide Squad: The Ayer Cut? We'll soon be finding out!!!