Release The Trank Cut: Fans Ask For Fantastic Four Director's Cut, Trank Responds Sharply No

While everyone is still stewing over the major news that Zack Snyder's Justice League will finally see the light of day on HBO Max sometime in the future, with an additional $30 million in budget added, it looks like some are asking for the Fantastic Four misfire to also get a new release under the eye of Josh Trank. 

Upon the film hitting cinemas, it was met with critical backlash and was a total misfire for a Marvel branded movie. Due to production issues and a director that couldn't get out of his way, the movie is now a legendary flop that is still discussed among comic book fans and movie goers alike. Today, it was floated via Twitter that Josh Trank should be given a second shot at delivering his vision for the Fantastic Four and should be granted the same creative license to return to a project that failed across the board. Trank responded sharply that he's not interested. 

With news of a supposed re-cut of Suicide Squad coming from director David Ayer, it seems that DC is potentially attempting to right the ship with their nearly disastrous launch of many of their iconic heroes and villains. But, some things are better left alone. And F4 is one of those things.