Swords and Sorcerers: Dungeons and Dragons Movie Happening With Former Marvel Studios VP

For years, a new Dungeons and Dragons live action film has been lingering in developmental hell. Well, it looks like it's finally moving forward. Word broke last night that Entertainment One has signed Jeremy Latcham, the former Senior Vice President of Production and Development at Marvel Studios, to a brand new first look developmental deal. And first up is a new D&D project which will return the famous role playing game to the live action theatrical realm. 

Hasbro, which has several G.I. Joe projects and Transformers movies in the works, currently holds the keys to the D&D kingdoms. Just last year they purchased the eOne to assist in getting more movie projects completed. This is their latest adaptation that they'll be working on. Jonathan Goldstein and Francis Daley (Game Night) have been attached to write and direct the movie. 

The last cinematic version of Dungeons and Dragons was in theaters in 2000 but failed to make any waves at the box office. A lackluster script and generic looking CGI visual effects did not help its case. Ever since then, it's been hoped that the gaming series could see a revitalization for the film world. Now, after years and years of sitting in gestation, it looks to be getting the green lights as it begins to move forward with positive momentum. 

There is no word yet on a release window for the movie. Goldstein and Daley last scribed Spider-Man: Homecoming which was an obvious blockbuster hit. Obviously, Stranger Things has assisted in new found interest in the classic role playing game.