We Are One Film Fest: Insanity is a Ugandan Passport: Crazy World (2019) - Reviewed

Wakaliwood is back with another SUPA ACTION film, this time addressing child kidnapping! For those new to this wild world, Wakaliwood films are the creations of one Nabwana I.G.G., a director from Uganda who makes movies with zero budget in the slums of Uganda with locals. They make their own props from scrap metal and there is judicious use of cheap CGI aftereffects, but despite all the limitations, they are some of the most passionate and amusing romps you will ever experience.

In Crazy World (2019) the main story concerns the ever-present Tiger Mafia, the main baddies in the Wakaliwood cinematic universe. The Tiger Mafia has decided to start a child-kidnapping ring in order to sacrifice them to get magical blessings from their blood. Unfortunately for them, they kidnap the WAKA STARS, Uganda's pint-sized answer to The Shaw Brothers' Venom Gang. These kids can and will beat the living hell out of anyone who crosses them. There are some side stories tossed around here and there (quite haphazardly) but most of them are just an excuse for more SUPA ACTION.

One of the traditions of a Wakaliwood joint is the presence of the "Video Joker" which is a narrator/hype-man of sorts who talks over the entire movie both explaining plot points and cracking jokes. VJ Emmie, the Tongue-Fu Master himself, is our guide, and these films wouldn't be as delightful without him. He is as integral to the film as the actual script, and his good-natured riffing is not unlike the modern version of the Greek chorus. He deftly weaves himself in and out of the narrative and he is quite helpful at telling the audience when some good shit AKA SUPA ACTION is coming up.

Speaking of action, the fight choreography is the highlight of the film, and I am continually impressed with how clean and fluid it looks. I.G.G. definitely is inspired by classic kung-fu style action and the actors pull off some impressive moves. This is by far his best looking film, and his technical prowess has been improving with each subsequent attempt. These films also incorporate meta elements and it's obvious they are self-aware of their fans and pandering to them. In the middle of the movie it turns into trailer for both past and future films and there is a hilarious Monty Python style skit about "Piracy Police" that pokes fun at the fact that Ugandan films are heavily pirated. 

While one could dip their toe into Wakaliwood for the first time with Crazy World, I highly recommend checking out Who Killed Captain Alex? (2010) and Bad Black (2016) first as there are some fun Easter eggs and cameos from both of those film in this one. Wakaliwood deserves the world's support. There is just something heartwarming about a group of people who make films purely for entertainment and to spread joy.

--Michelle Kisner