We'll Swallow Your Soul: Evil Dead 2 Virtual Escape Room Coming This Month

Ever since 1981, Bruce Campbell's Ash character has been battling legions of deadites in the Evil Dead series. Officially hanging up the role after the short lived television series Ash vs Evil Dead, it looks like the cult horror series is making a comeback in a new virtual escape room from Hourglass Escapes. The company is bringing us back to the Evil Dead 2 cult hit with a brand new escape experience using the online Zoom meeting technology. Officially set to premiere in May of 2020, tickets will be going on sale on the 8th. The official premise is this...

Users will have "70 minutes to return The Evil Dead to their realm and save your soul". They also state that it's "a first person video game with live people and it is designed for a 3-6 player group". Characters will be "members of a paranormal group Gnostic Research of the Occult, Omens, Vampires and Yetis aka G.R.O.O.V.Y."

The game will take place in the well known cabin from the series. Obviously, this will give fans a great way to revisit the series of films as well as a unique way to spend some time during the extended quarantine period. As long as your internet connection can support a ton of bandwidth use, this will be an amazing new way to experience the Evil Dead at home. Just hope your soul doesn't get swallowed. That would be worse than getting coronavirus. 

The Evil Dead series began in the early '80s and continued through Evil Dead 2, Army of Darkness, a female led remake, and the television series. It still remains a massive cult hit to this day. There has been a lot of discussion about another movie yet nothing has quite taken form yet.