Interviews: Making Time Writer/Director Grant Pichla - On Shooting a Film in Two Days, Michigan Indies, and Distributing a Film in the Age of COVID

In the first of a new series of video interviews from The Movie Sleuth, Chris Jordan sits down with Making Time writer/director Grant Pichla to talk about the challenges of shooting a feature film in two days, the process of making an indie movie in Michigan, the challenges of distributing a film when COVID interrupts your festival run, and more. It's a wide-ranging conversation that dives deep into the making of this very cool new indie with a very unusual production.

Making Time is a time-travel romantic-dramedy adventure that was made under the gutsy and ambitious self-imposed artistic challenge to shoot a feature in just two shooting days. Pichla and company not only pulled it off, but made a very good movie in the process – you can read our review here. The film is now streaming on Amazon Prime.

Check out the full 45-minute interview below, and find highlights on our Facebook page and YouTube channel.

- Christopher S. Jordan

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