Interviews: The Wretched Writers/Directors The Pierce Brothers - The Story Behind the Unexpected Indie Horror Hit of the Summer

When COVID-19 struck, The Wretched writers/directors The Pierce Brothers assumed that like every other movie, theirs would get pulled from its planned theatrical run and settle for a VOD debut. Instead, IFC Midnight tried releasing the film in a handful of drive-ins, and the retro summer horror movie caught on in a truly viral way, becoming an indie sensation that is the first five-week #1 box-office hit since Black Panther. In this new video interview, The Movie Sleuth's Chris Jordan talks to Brett and Drew Pierce about the movie's unexpected success, the ingredients that make a perfect summer horror flick, the magic of practical effects, how to build a great occult mythology, and more.

Check out the full half-hour interview below, and find highlights on our Facebook page and YouTube channel over the coming days. And read our review of The Wretched here!

- Christopher S. Jordan

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