A World Beyond Your Imagination: New Dune Fan Made Poster Showcases The Main Cast

image courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures

The updated film version of Dune is getting way closer now. With visionary director Denis Villeneuve at the helm, fans of the science fiction novels are extremely excited to see how he handles the franchise. Initially brought to theaters in David Lynch's much criticized version of the story of Dune, it's now getting a fresh retelling from the director behind Blade Runner 2049. Lynch later disowned his film and has since said it was not the movie he had planned. Apparently, he wasn't allowed to create the filmed Dune in his own image but was held down by studio heads that didn't allow him full control of the project. 

Now, Villeneuve is promising to take Dune and turn it into a two film series that has already begun to spawn television projects as well. Although the coronavirus pandemic has taken its toll on movies being able to finish production and be released to theaters on time, it looks like Villeneuve may still get this thing in theaters on schedule. 

In the meantime, artist Haley Turnbull has taken the liberty of creating a new fan made poster that teases some of the central cast with classic Dune imagery. See it below!