From the Upside Down: Finn Wolfhard Says Stranger Things 4 Was Ahead of Schedule

photo courtesy The Telegraph

Before the entire world was rocked by the global pandemic, a fourth season of Stranger Things was well on its way. The next and final season of the show is said to be split into two parts much like Breaking Bad or other finales before it. Instead of giving audiences one long set of episodes, Netflix has decided to break it up into a couple sections. This way they can milk their beloved franchise and keep their viewership tied to their couches waiting for more. Now, actor Finn Wolfhard says that production on the series was actually ahead of schedule prior to the coronavirus shutdowns. 

This will be disappointing for loyalists to the series as now the show will now be delayed. The fourth season will be picking up from the cliffhanger ending which left the fate of Jim Hopper up in the air and the kids being split up. Obviously, the next set of episodes will reveal what happened to Hopper, which was teased immediately in the first trailer they released a few months back. Wolfhard had this to say about where the shutdown:

“It was perfect. We were ahead of schedule, which has never happened before, because there’s never a realistic approach to scheduling, and then boom, it just stopped, and everyone had to go home, and everyone’s just so sad…”

It was announced last week that the writing staff has finally completed scripting for the fourth season and they hope to move ahead soon and get filming underway. We'll update as soon as we hear more!