From The Upside Down: Stranger Things Season 4 Scripts Are Complete

photo courtesy Netflix

Obviously, the scheduled fourth season of Stranger Things has seen delays due to the coronavirus just like every other upcoming project under the sun. As reported, the next batch of episodes is said to be broken up into two mini-season. So, we'll be getting season four part one and part two like so many other shows have done in their concluding moments. Now, some good news comes from Hawkins, Indiana. Apparently, the scripts are finally complete for the entire set of episodes and things might start moving again on the series when restrictions slowly begin to lift. The writing staff took to Twitter with a tweet that shares a teaser image of the stack of printed scripts for the entire final season. 

The show which started out small blew up to epic proportions for Netflix and has continued to draw major viewership and a huge cult following. Borrowing heavily from the Steven Spielberg aesthetic mixed with that '80s nostalgia feel, Stranger Things will finally close out when it returns sometime in the near future. Season 4 was set to film in March but was shut down as the health crisis began to wreak havoc. 

Now, we finally get some positive momentum. There's no real updates on the release date yet but it's said that this next season will dive headlong into Hopper's background. The first episode is called The Hellfire Club. We CANNOT WAIT!