Galactic News: Secrets of the Jedi Explores Baby Yoda and Rey's Force Power

photo courtesy Lucasfilm

The Star Wars galaxy continues to expand and grow. As the films have been put on hold as they develop new ideas, the books and television shows are giving us plenty of new content to dive headlong into. Now, a book called Secrets of the Jedi expands on the force powers that Baby Yoda holds and also digs deep into the meaning and balance of the all powerful Jedi. While the prequel trilogy started to give us more back story for the mysterious power, the new project gives more explanation for why Baby Yoda is already so powerful and how Rey had such control over the Force with little to no training. This is something Star Wars fans have argued over since the launch of the sequel trilogy. Now, they're finally getting more exposition background for their powers. 

The recently published book is a deep dig study on the ways of the Force and the Jedi, and is based on the fictional notes of Luke Skywalker. Apparently, it even looks at the dark and light sides as it goes further into the Balance of the Force. Initially inspired by Buddhist philosophy, the Secrets of the Jedi expands on the religious connotations of the Jedi and how different things like Force healing (which was just introduced) actually works. For fans of the continued series, this seems like it will be a treasure trove of fictional knowledge that furthers things we've all had questions about.